4 Seasons Equipment was formed by a group of individuals passionate about the power equipment sales and service industry.  Our team members have grown up in rural areas and have worked on all types of equipment.  Whether this is farm equipment, tractors, cars, trucks, mowers, chain saws, snowmobiles, or motorbikes we all enjoyed the power equipment industry.
Although each of us possess different skill sets, the one commonality between us is the desire to work with equipment. We all enjoy engines and power equipment with the desire to provide friendly, honest and reliable service.
We are the cutting edge of professional yard and power equipment.
Our mantra is simple:
“We get it done.”

Don Laurin
Head Office

Don is the owner of 4Seasons Equipment and has over 20 years of experience in equipment financing and small business operations.

Kris Maron

Kris has been around power equipment all his life.  He grew up on a farm, spent nearly 20 years in the oilfield and has been an acreage owner since 2001.  As a former post secondary instructor, he enjoys passing along user tips and equipment insights.

Todd Wilson
Sales Manager

Todd has been in the service industry since 1985 and has extensive knowledge when it comes to lawn & power equipment for farm and acreage use.  He is well known in the industry and this guy knows equipment!

Dan Sulit
Shop Manager

Dan is the Shop Manager at 4 Seasons.  He is a Journeyman with an inter-provincial red seal certificated to work on vehicles.  Dan is committed to providing all customers with exceptional service.

Jordan Sulit

Jordan over sees all the important business dealings that involves paperwork and is always a delightful face assisting customers at the front.

Darren Kawczak
Parts Manager

Darren is our Parts Manager who has 25 years of experience in the automotive industry.  His attention to detail allows him to strive towards offering professional and efficient day to day operations necessary in the parts world.

Ernie Dach
Small Engine Specialist

Ernie Dach is recognized as a Master Service Technician with over 30 years in the industry.  He has extensive experience repairing and servicing units and specializing in two and four cycle engine troubleshooting,